UK manufacturer T & K Precision raises the bar in terms of fast turnaround, precision engineered, high-tolerance thread rolled studs and fixings.

The thread rolling process is far superior to that of traditional “cut threads” thereby eliminating the weak spots, stress points, burrs and tool marks usually found on a cut thread.

The rolling dies used are optically ground and “cold form” the thread on to a pre-machined blank, resulting in a thread of virtually perfect form, pitch and accuracy. Just one of the reasons why T & K Precision is the supplier of choice to

Formula 1 Racing Teams
Indy Car Series Engine Manufacturers
GT Endurance Car Teams
British Touring Car Teams

for cylinder head studs, gearbox studs, cam cover studs, chassis mounting studs & bolts, bespoke bolts and many other types of roll threaded fixings to suit customers’ applications.

Thread Rolled studs and bolts